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  • Rare Baroness Jackson Of Lodsworth Barbara Ward Hand Signed Card Jg Autographs
  • Rare! Director General Of Pemex Antonio J. Bermúdez Hand Signed Tls Dated 1952
  • Deputy Secretary Of Defense William Foster Hand Signed Fdc Dated 1965
  • Ambassador To Afghanistan Angus Ward Hand Signed Tls Dated 1952
  • German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Hand Signed 4x7 B&w Photo Jg Autographs Coa
  • Secretary Of State John Kerry Hand Signed World Magazine Jg Autographs Coa
  • Very Rare! Manhattan Project Abner Sibal Hand Signed Tls Jg Autographs Coa
  • Manhattan Project George H. Mahon Hand Signed Tls Jg Autographs Coa
  • Socialist Party Harry Fleischman Hand Signed 5x7 Sepia Photo
  • Vintage Italian Politicians Hand Signed Album Page
  • British Prime Minister Edward Heath Hand Signed 3x5 Card Jg Autographs Coa
  • German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer Hand Signed Thank You Card Dated 1962
  • Solicitor General Philip Perlman Hand Signed Tls Dated 1951
  • Attorney General Texas Claude Pollard Hand Signed Album Page